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The features of the Extranet

Based on years of experience - founded in 2007 - we know that each golf club has specific needs and challenges. For example, some clubs are looking for more green fee players and the other for more members. One is exclusive and the other is not. And that's fine. In order to meet the needs of all clubs, we have developed a customized Extranet. Out of four subscriptions, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Make changes to your club & course information
Add your rating and Golfers' Choice badge on your site
Online support (instruction videos and e-mail)
Increase your knowledge with our 'research lab'
Add your own photos 1
Manage photos (sort and categorise)
Manage profile page (select your profile and background photo)
Manage e-mail addresses (determine who receives what emails)
Unlimited clicks, calls and direct bookings
Promote your social-media channels
Promote important tournaments
Show membership opportunities and information
Stand out with a unique slogan (tagline)
Make use of text advertisements
Promotion in rankings, regional pages and on club pages with a Free subscription
Add your videos
Manage videos (sort and categorise)
See all relevant statistics and trends
Encourage and reward your reviewers
View reviews in detail
Respond to reviews
Select 'preferred' accommodations
Including banner campaigns (graphic advertisements) 10.000 👁 (€250)15.000 👁 (€375)
Extra discount on banners, newsletter and home page 0%0%35%50%
Your own account manager (telephone support)
Pro-active advice from your account manager
Promote your own accommodation
Remove booking sites and package providers

Customised extranet: a subscription for every purpose

show the correct details
€ 0
forever free
enrich your profile
€ 29
per month
(billed annually)
or € 40 (billed monthly)
stand out from the rest
€ 69
per month
(billed annually)
or € 85 (billed monthly)
promote your accommodation too
€ 109
per month
(billed annually)
or € 130 (billed monthly)

Feel free to switch


With the customized Extranet, we offer four different subscriptions. You can increase the service of your Extranet account by choosing a more expensive subscription whenever you want.

If you upgrade your current subscription, you simply pay the difference in price, per month (for a monthly subscription) or at once (for a yearly contract).


With an 'Interaction' or 'Destination' subscription, you can choose a cheaper option whenever you want. The original invoice will not be credited, but the contract is extended in accordance with the price of the new subscription. Of course, the contract extension is then rounded up to a full month!


You do not have to cancel your subscription, we are transparent and do not like tacit renewals. Your yearly contract automatically expires. We will contact you well ahead of time to discuss whether to renew or not.

If you chose to pay per month you can of course cancel at anytime.

Frequently asked questions about the Extranet

Will my ranking increase if I have a paid subscription?

No. All rankings are and will remain independent from a club’s subscription status. Although, with a paid subscription you will have more influence over your online reputation. You will be able to offer golfers more information, gain insight on their valuable opinions and get the opportunity to interact with them.

Can I remove a review?

No. This applies to both paying and non-paying customers. However, you can contact us if you suspect that someone is trying to compromise your profile. You will then need to have a good reason. A low ranking is not a good reason. Remember, there are also rankings given that are too high. You would not call then, right? Be realistic and we will always stay fair.

Can I delete photos?

No. Only the developers can delete photos. Our content team keeps a close eye on all pictures that are posted. Sometimes we are forced to remove pictures, for example when they are not relevant to the condition of the golf course, the club or the facilities. With an ‘Essential’ subscription, you can choose your profile picture and all of your photos will be shown first in the photo gallery.

Why does the information that I have filled in not show up on the site?

You are always able to fill in information regarding your golf club and golf courses, but the information that we show on our site depends on your account type.

Does a paid account require a lot of time investment?

No. Of course it is true that the more active you are; the more benefits you will reap. It should not cost you any more than one hour per month. We encourage you to make one person responsible, so that we can instruct this person as well as possible.

Is a trial period possible?

You can opt for a short term subscription that can be cancelled on a monthly basis. The cost is then higher (per month) than a yearly subscription. If you end up deciding to switch to a yearly subscription after a few months, you can make this change at no extra charge. Your previous payments will be calculated into to the year’s total. Therefore, you can test out our advantages without any risk.

Am I able to change the status of my subscription?

Yes. You can up- or downgrade your subscription at any time. If you choose a more expensive subscription, then you will pay the difference. If you decide to downgrade, then we will not credit any money, but we will give you the number of months equivalent to the extra amount. We hope that you pay for the subscription that fits your club the best and not for something that you do not use or need.

What happens if I decide to cancel or downgrade my subscription?

In this case, some of your club details will no longer be shown and you will no longer have access to all of the functionalities. Therefore, it does not make sense for you to initially pay for a subscription, fill everything in and then downgrade. Nevertheless, we do save everything that you have filled in (such as text ads, photos, videos, etc.). So you will not lose any data, if for some reason you decide to briefly downgrade to a cheaper (or free) subscription.

Can I call someone for help or do I get customer support?

You can always send us a message. Additionally, depending on your subscription type, we will provide you with a thorough explanation of our product and 1 or 2 check-up calls. You will also have access to our tutorials. ‘Interaction’ and ‘Destination’ clients will be supported with an account manager that they can call with questions or advice. But, in theory, everything should be self-explanatory.

Will you physically come by my golf club to explain everything?

We have tried to minimize the cost of our service in order to remain accessible for all golf clubs. Our cheapest paid subscription only costs €29, - per month. Due to these low prices a personal explanation is not viable. Therefore, we have made everything as self-explanatory as possible. Also, see the previous question for more clarity.

Do you also share your experience and tips with golf clubs?

Yes, of course! We regularly publish ‘white papers’ packed with useful tips to help make golfers feel at home. Best of all, most of these tips require no monetary investment. The ‘white papers’ are available to clubs with an ‘Interaction’ or ‘Destination’ subscription.

Can I remove the banner on my club page?

Yes, with the ‘Interaction’ or ‘Destination’ subscription this is possible. Your own text ad will then take the place of the commercial (graphic) banner.

Are there any other ways to promote my golf club?

Yes, we offer a spotlight position on our homepage (your club must have an 8.0 ranking or higher). You can also advertise in our monthly newsletters or through a banner on our website.

Is it possible to send contact requests to different people?

Yes. Recently, it has become possible for paying customers to send tee-time requests to a specific email address. Notifications (for example, a new review) are sent to anyone who has an Extranet account. These notifications can also be turned off when you prefer.

Please feel free to contact us

If you want to know more about our Partner Extranet, we are happy to answer all your questions!

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